Community Update

  • Hey Guest! Did you know that two of our law enforcement department's, BCSO and SASP are hiring? That's right! and they want you! Simply goto the applications section of the forums and apply today! Thank you for being apart of our community, we can't wait to see you in game! HudsonRP Staff Team
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Travis B.

New member
Sep 27, 2018
Hello Everyone,

id firstly like to apologise on behalf of the leadership team for being so inactive, this has seen members leave and the server at a standstill. However, we will be seeing a major revamp within the next few weeks and this includes activeness.

We, the leadership, have decided to focus on the menu based server rather than the ESX Server. With this, we will be making the following changes;

- The AOP, for the time being, will stay at New Jersey (Blaine County) until we have a more active player base and server. With this, will mean the closure of the NYPD and the NYSP departments. All officers within these departments will transfer to either the New Jersey State Police Department or the newly formed Newark Police Department.

- New Vehicles for each department will be added to the server, as well as uniforms. This includes Unmarked units, Fire and EMS as well as Newark PD. (This does include fixing any broken vehicles)

- Leadership will now be more focused on the community and community growth, this means putting your ideas into consideration and trying to make the server what you want it to be, along with our views and plans.

- We encourage users to stream whilst playing within our servers, as not only does this promote our server, but it also helps you.

- We want to focus on Growing the community, the number of servers we have an then, we might look into whitelisting, We aim to have something similar to DOJ, where they have multiple servers going at once, each their own world.

Please help us in promoting the server and the community, give us feedback and ideas and lets make this community amazing!
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