FiveM Server Update V0.2 - Changelog

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Oct 4, 2018
Changelog - 10/20/2018

Note 1: There have been a lot of hot-patches to the server that I super don't remember doing so if stuff I've added isn't on this list that's why.

Added [SCRIPTS]:
- None. [N/A]

Fixes/Changes [SCRIPTS]:
- Change: Temporarily removed butcher job, will be re-added or replaced soon.

Added [ESX]:
- BasicNeeds. [COMPLETE]
>> Adds character needs such as food and water.

- Shops. [COMPLETE]
>> Adds stores to purchase food, beverages, and other items. These are located at all 24/7 locations and liquor stores.

- Drugs. [COMPLETE]
>> Adds literal drugs, everything from coke to opiates, weed and meth. These can be created, packaged, sold, used, you have everything you need to create your own drug empire!

>> Adds a gym on Vespucci beach (there is a blip) where you can sign up for a membership, buy protein shakes, and get fuckin' buff. (This currently serves no purpose other than for RP.)

- Holdups. [COMPLETE]
>> Adds the ability to rob convenience stores and banks! Both require a certain amount of police to be in the city before you can initiate the robberies.

- Lock Systems. [COMPLETE]
>> Adds the ability to lock your vehicle with your (U) muscle! (This may have been added in a hot patch but just throwing this in here.)

- CCTV Systems. [COMPLETE]
>> Adds CCTV access to major locations like banks. This gives police the ability to watch over the main banks. Players may also disable these cameras from a special location, but don't get caught tampering or things won't turn out well. ;)

- Drift Car Rental [COMPLETE]
>> Adds rental drift cars for the lower docks drift course. You can also get insurance for your rental. You will be charged every minute you have the rental out so it's not recommended that you steal the rental.

Added [Map Changes]:
- Checkpoints [INCOMPLETE]
>> Adds one checkpoint between New York and New Jersey. More will be added throughout the boarder later on.

- Dock Drift Track [COMPLETE]
>> Adds a drift course for drifting, duh, and blocks off a parking lot as a potential place to host a car meet. Also where the drift car rental service is.

- Gang Base [COMPLETE]
>> Adds a safe compound for our very own Melinkov Family to exist in!

Added [Map Models]:
- FIB/IAA Buildings [COMPLETE]
>> Changes FIB and IAA building signs to FBI and CIA signs respectively.

Added [Vehicles]:
- None [N/A]
>> A few civilian vehicles have been removed from testing and added to the store. Full apologies to all of our LEO departments who are still lacking vehicles, I know you were excited about more but for the moment those had to be pushed aside. Please feel free to DM any and all hate mail to my Discord, I will get them done asap, I just want to make sure they're done right so you guys will not just like them, but love them.